helloo there i'm ari! how are ya

21 | ♓ | she/her/they(??)/ filipino + puerto rican

i love anime, video games and disney, i tweet abt these and lots of other things!

i livetweet sometimes but p much only live streams of anime, anime & manga i'm currently watching/reading, and nintendo directs/video game related stuff..!

i tend to rt a lot of fanart and stuff so feel free to mute my rts!

i love meeting new peeps and including everyone in everything! let's be pals if u'd like! c':

ALSO, i'm sorry if i seem to jump topics a lot while i tweet..! my thoughts are always so scattered and when i think of one thing i start thinking about another thing and it leads to another... welcome to hell i'm so sorry

last notes!: there's no nsfw content here but still i'd like only for people who are 18+ to follow, thank you! i generally follow back if we share common interests and you're 18+!
i get really passionate abt things/fav charas and i tend to be rly extra/dramatic with them LMFAO, i just have a lot of love in my heart to give..!!

(this) is what i look like if u wanna put a face to this account!

i love to LAUGH and have FUN........

i main mercy on overwatch she's my QUEEN.. if u ever wanna queue up, hmu i gotchu fam :') my battlenet tag is aribun#11461 !

i love nintendo and SPLATOON sm! i'm suuper hyped for sploon 2! my nnid is ariuwu (forgive me i made this when i was like 16) and my switch fc is 0426-2383-9613

i'll add more when i'm not struggling to think of things abt myself on the spot omG